The Unfolding

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vagabonds & zealots

Arielle's first self-published co-authored book of poetry released in 2014. This collection sparked the beginning of her self-published journey. Each piece is written with intent and rawness in hopes that the reader experiences pain, grace, redemption and everything in between.


write bloody, spill pretty

Write Bloody Spill Pretty is a collection of heart whispers, difficult conversations, hope, and experiences with unforgettable people, expressed through poem. It is the recorded journey of two women exploring and facing the world through five realms: places, purpose, Abba, him, and her. 


The Unfolding

In this stunning collection of essays, poems, and meditations, Estoria tenderly reveals how being broken open and mended back together in the process of “unfolding” helps us discover and return home to the person we were always meant to be.