The Unfolding

Arielle Estoria is known for her moving and empowering words that encourage women and all people to be confident in who they are, compassionate about where they’ve been, and loving about who they are becoming.

In this stunning collection of essays, poems, and meditations, beautifully illustrated in earth tones, Estoria tenderly reveals the places in her life where she has been broken open, mended back together in new ways, and shows us how this process of “unfolding” helps us discover and return home to the person we were always meant to be.  

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This is the Unfolding

In order to heal, you must hurt,

In order to grow, you will experience discomfort

and all of this is to make more room for hope

less room for perfectionism and more room for simply being.

In order to let something in,

you have to let some things go

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The Unfolding

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About the author

Meet Arielle

I am a Spoken Word Poet, Author and Speaker through words that can't only be heard but demand to be felt and experienced. I wholeheartedly believe that each person has been given a gift, a gift that ultimately becomes a key to unlocking and releasing not only individual freedom but the freedom of others as well.

The freedom to walk confidently and boldly in the homes we have been given to steward called bodies and the freedom to use the voices we have been given to speak life and spread light. And ultimately the freedom to exist in the fullness of who we are meant to be, while leaving a trail of beauty in this world that outlasts us.

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