Affirmations — a journaling practice

I have been sharing these affirmations on social media for the last few months and they have resonated with you all so deeply that it inspired me to create something a little more in depth. I have come to find that the art of writing affirmations is such a beautiful practice and so is journaling, so I thought why not combine the two to create a practice of healing and self love. 

Feel free to purchase, download and print the book to physically write in it or to just copy the prompts in your journal and write from there. Maybe you snag two and send one as a gift to a friend! Whatever you decide to do, I hope this practice helps you come home to yourself more and more each day. I hope these words sit with you and that this practice carries you through your journey of self acceptance and hopefully by the end of it, one step closer to embracing all of your enoughness.

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